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Pedestrian & Bicycle Collisions

Riding a bicycle and walking are a great form of exercise but unfortunately if you are hit by a vehicle can lead to devastating and life changing injuries or even death. Pedestrians and bicycle collisions are often based on the biased statement of the driver of the vehicle that hit you. Collisions involving pedestrians and bicycles are almost always caused by automobile drivers who claims to not see a pedestrian because they were distracted or simply failed to yield right of way at a cross walk. If you or a loved one have sustained serious injuries and have received a denial of payment letter, even if other attorneys have turned down your case, call Yates Law right now! Our firms is often able to take on cases that other attorneys turn down and refuse to help!

If you or a loved one have been injured or if you have lost a loved one in a bicycle accident, we are here for you and your family right now! Todd Yates and his knowledgeable and experienced staff are ready to help answer all of your questions. What is the insurance responsible to pay for? How am I going to get my bike repaired? I have road rash and serious injuries, how am I going to pay for medical care I need now and in the future? What is this case worth? What about the time I am losing from work? Do I need an attorney?

  • Call attorney Todd Yates! Todd Yates and his knowledgeable and experienced staff will fight hard to make sure that all of your rights are protected and that we maximize the true value of your case settlement.
  • Protect the evidence in your case! Take cell phone photographs of the damage to your bike e and keep your bike, even if it is totaled this is valuable evidence in your case. Take photographs of any vehicle involved in the collision. It is also very important that you have also taken photographs of all the injuries you sustained.
  • Look for any witnesses: obtain the names and contact information of anyone who saw or may have seen the collision.
  • Keep your helmet and anything else you were wearing. Do not dispose or wash anything that you were wearing at the time of the collision.


  • Seek immediate treatment for any injuries. Take photos of bruising and road rash as they appear and as your injuries continue to heal.
  • Explain to your medical provider the nature of your bicycle collision and how far you were thrown off your bike. Give a very detailed description of all of your pain, injuries and road rash.
  • Schedule all follow up specialist appointments and any other therapy as recommended by your doctor as soon as possible. Your job is to get well. We will take care of everything else!


  • The insurance company has a team of adjusters and attorneys, all working to pay you the least amount of money possible. One of the most common ways is for the adjuster to ask you for a recorded statement. During this statement the adjuster will ask you questions, these questions are specifically designed so that the insurance company can use your answers against you! DO NOT EVER GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT WITHOUT HAVING YOUR ATTORNEY PRESENT!


We know the healing process can be long and difficult. We are here for our client’s day or night. Call us about your case right now. The consultation is free, you pay us nothing unless we win. Your case is our cause.

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